Jun 01

Was cleaning out in the shed today, and found an old piece of kit, some kind of controller box from Evans & Sutherland with 8 encoders and 8 pcs. 8-digit LED readout

The Display units are intelligent Alphanumeric LED readouts, have to do something with them some day… Anyway, the encoders is HP QEDS-7596, enclosed optical encoders, 512 pulses per revolution. Very nice encoders, must have cost a small fortune!

Wired it to my Arduino (yep, still playing with it, hehe) and opened a serial terminal to see the position of the encoder wheel, works nicely, the resolution of these encoders are just insane.

Googled around, i wanted to show the result on my computer (i’m using a Mac) and have read about processing, but never tried it. Now i had a reason to try it out.

Downloaded it, and got it running in a few minutes, it’s just as plug and play as the arduino, very nice!

I’ll upload some pictures of the result soon.


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