Jan 01

Some people still come lurking here to see and read about my “Hack Pro” Hackintosh build.

Well i don’t have the machine any more, i sold it and bought myself a real Mac instead.

I will leave the pictures here for your viewing pleasure anyway.

2 Responses to “Mac Pro Hackintosh”

  1. Pol.H Says:

    Hello.. I own a mac pro 2007 case i have the same front panel but i am afraid that my skills on the wiring the front panel to atx is a little difficult for me … do you think you could made the wires for me and off course i pay you :D.. btw i live in sweden…

    pratar du svenska ?

    Mvh: Pol.H

  2. Per Jensen Says:

    Hello. I cannot offer to make you the cables. I do not even own the computer anymore. It was sold years ago.

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