Feb 12

Recently, i purchased a big lot of Philips ZM1000 Nixies, and needed a test PCB to test out if all was good – i got sockets for a number of the tubes, so i settled on making a PCB with the correct socket, so I easily can test them.

Being fond of the Arduino, i just thought, why not make it an Arduino shield – this way it’s a nice compact solution, powered by the USB-port, and no extra cables needed.

I earlier on aquired one of the real nice high voltage supplies, perfect for nixies from Taylor Electronics

So i made a single PCB that fits the small power supply module, a socket for a 74141 Nixie driver, and a socket for the ZM1000 tube.

I milled the PCB on our PCB milling machine in the local hackerspace where i frequent, Labitat

I did not mount all the headers on the finished PCB, since they are not in used. The use of stacking headers are a little waste, since there is no way I can mount anything on top of the Nixie PCB, but they make the PCB headers more mechanically stable, since they are soldered on on the bottom side of the PCB.

A small video of the circuit in operation, running a simple counting program, testing all digits: Youtube



You can get the Eagle PCB files for the project here: ZM1000_Shield

6 Responses to “ZM1000 Test shield for Arduino”

  1. Erik Says:

    Would you be willing to sell any of the zm1000 tubes? I’ve been looking for some and they are hard to find.

  2. Per Jensen Says:

    Sorry, no.
    I’m holding on to them for future projects.
    They come up on eBay from time to time – there even is some on eBay right now.

    Otherwise try writing on the “Neonixie-L”-mailinglist.

  3. Simon Says:

    Hi! I’m looking for ZM1000 socket, where did you find yours?

  4. Per Jensen Says:

    I bought them with the tubes. Look on eBay for them.

  5. Leo de Blaauw Says:


    Recently got my hands on a few of these tubes as well including SN7441AN chips, what are you using in your design to drive the tubes?



  6. Per Jensen Says:

    The driver is the 74141 and the high voltage supply is the Tayloredge 1363

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